Kemaskini BRIM: Recipients Requested to Provide the Right Information

Over 100,000 qualified people could not get br1m online benefits because of wrong and mismatching information provided by them when submitting the details online and to the concerned authorities. A senior official from BRIM said that the candidates should provide the accurate information in order to get the amount disbursed to their bank accounts.

Datuk Chua Tee Yong, Deputy Finance Minister, pointed out that one of the repeated mistakes was that of the recipients’ name not matching with their bank account numbers, as provided by them. He expressed his frustration that such erratic information is just wasting the time of the government and qualified people as well.

Borang br1m was launched in 2013 with the idea of providing financial support to people who are in the lower range income group. Most have been benefitted and the number of applicants and the amount disbursed through this scheme has been on the rise ever since. As of 2015,a total amount of RM5.3 billion is expected to be disbursed to over 7.4 million low-income Malaysians through the incredible aid .

Datuk Chua Tee Yongsaid every entry filled by the people will be verified with multiple agencies, so it’s important to provide the right information so as to get benefitted. For all those whose applications were rejected, letters were dished out explaining the reason of the rejection. He said the applicants should carry the letters with their ID proof to any of their nearest Bank SimpananNasional branch to receive the money in cash.

According to Chua, brim kemaskini is aimed at serving two main purposes. The first reason is to help the poor people meet their living expenses, and the second reason is to boost domestic trade in the county. By providing the right information, every eligible citizen will be benefitted through this scheme, he said.

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